Oct 26 2011

A pointy finger

There are definitely some weird proportions going on here. Might want to get that thumb checked out, buddy.

I found this drawing on a psychology-class handout detailing American Psychological Association ethics code. The group, founded in 1892, elected its first female president in 1905, which is pretty impressive considering the 19th Amendment wasn’t ratified until 1920. Mary Whiton Calkins had some guts, that much is clear.

Oct 19 2011

Dutchman and wife

Dutchman and wife

Wilhelm de Landbouwer worked so hard to prepare for de Winter Dans, from changing his socks to hanging his cardigan outside to air out that Holstein smell. But all was lost when it came to his skinny tie; his hands were made for udders, not Windsors.

Enter Zuster Gertrude to save the day yet again. The daughter of a portable-dike manufacturer, Gertrude longed to work in the eyelash industry, but her father, Gustav, would have none of it. She was too valuable to the dikery. As a compromise, she ran away from home and joined the Church.

Now, she was tying a milkman’s tie. Continue reading …

Oct 12 2011

Upside-down-faced guy is taken hostage

Upside-down-faced guy is taken hostage

UPDATE: I figured out the inspiration for this doodle. See below.

In the face of adversity, upside-down-faced guy is ready. He is not sure what he is going to do, but he will figure something out. After all, being taken hostage by terrorists is far from the biggest challenge he has faced with his upside-down face. One time, the tab ripped off of a can of pop he was drinking before he could get it open. Driven by an insatiable mild thirst, he used a nail punch and a hammer to tap open the scored part of the lid, freeing its bubbly orange contents.

I wouldn’t want to be in those terrorists’ shoes right now. Continue reading …