Dec 26 2012

A form letter for the future

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(This math class doodle from 2008 is an artifact from a past December, one where the year 2009 still held much promise for us. Inspired by that spirit of avoiding taking math notes, here is an unfinished form letter to help you mark the new year, whichever one that might be. I designed it to be generic enough to work for any situation. Either write in or choose your own answers where indicated.)

Dear future self,

The year ____ approaches. While this year was awesome/OK/crappy, I am optimistic/pessimistic/eating cheese balls for what the future brings.

For example, this year, I rode a donkey/camel/giraffe. Next year, I hope to ride a bison/goat/crocodile.

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Dec 19 2012

Cookies for vampires

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Rob and Dominick, the hobo and priest depicted in this 2003 freshman-composition-II doodle, are vampire hunters. In a somewhat marked departure from the norm, they also are pacifists.

Instead of carrying wooden stakes, they hand out coupons to blood banks. Instead of ringing their necks with strings of garlic, they armor themselves with optimism.

Life can be tough for these two, especially during the holidays. For example, on one recent outreach mission, things didn’t go according to plan.

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Dec 12 2012

A bumpkin

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It can be fun to draw body hair, as seen in this cultural anthropology doodle from 2003. And if you have the time to draw the lines, a boring doodle can suddenly become much more interesting. Instead of just a pair of legs dangling from the top of the page, we get … an exceedingly woolly pair of legs dangling from the top of the page. I’m making a note here: “HUGE SUCCESS.”

The weird face and ink-smudge experiments off to the left are a bonus this week.

With that said, I have several movie-based interpretations of this doodle to offer you. All of them revolve around country bumpkins:

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