More than just a face on a baking powder can

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This doodle was sketched with a Sharpie on loose leaf during a 2004 psychology class. I don’t often draw female characters, but when I do, I usually end up with some sort of monster. This drawing is an exception (though not the only one). She looks like an actual person! Still, I should probably abandon my attempts at beauty and draw women with mustaches, which are always fun.

In any case, it seems clear that our Edward-Gorey-style subject is downtrodden, or at the very least bored. Here are my theories why:

  • She hates getting her blood drawn.
  • She knows the Christmas decorations must come down eventually.
  • She really doesn’t want to go to work tomorrow.
  • She is being coerced into eating more vegetables by the National Institutes of Health.
  • She is more than just a face on the baking powder can, regardless of how well the gig pays.
  • She is running out of clean clothes.
  • She has to whittle her 2,500 music purchases down to 10 for her end of the year list.
  • She fears her liver won’t make it out of the Roaring Twenties alive.
  • She doesn’t know how to ask her vampire brother (seen right) to pay her back for the rent.
  • She dropped her keys down a sewer grate.
  • She forgot to put on deodorant.

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6 Responses to “More than just a face on a baking powder can”

  • seamus Says:

    I would say that your friend, dear Doodler, is one of the afflicted. She isn’t just bored, she is afflicted with the most devastating case of boredom any single human has ever experienced. She isn’t just unhappy, she is afflicted with a malaise, a misery that would prompt Pollyanna to promptly shuffle off this mortal coil. She is, in other words, one unhappy cookie.

    Even the most miserable can rejoice in the pressure of whittling down a best of list, or rejoice when our keys are ultimately fetched from the jaws of the sewer grate. This young lady will automatically switch from one misery to another. For her, this affliction is an autopilot of anhedonia.

    • Andy Says:

      Fair enough! I gotta think you don’t get to pull “anhedonia” out of your big box o’ vocabulary too often. I shall clip out this usage, tape it to the fridge, and await my chance.

  • seamus Says:

    You’re gonna miss my pesky vocabulary, Doodler.

  • Broege Says:

    She sad cuz that scruff she growin’ along her jawline. that’s some nice sruff. wish I could grow that kinda scruff. that’s some not bad masculine kinda scruff, and she’s a lady, far as I can gather. that’s why she’s bummin’, man.

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