Jun 26 2013

Lessons from a pharmacy

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If it weren’t for teachers, this blog wouldn’t exist. And teachers come in many forms. Today’s doodle of a chinstrapped, pantaloon-wearing pioneer guy brings to mind two stories about one such unconventional instructor. Continue reading …

Jun 19 2013

A time for doing what you are told

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In a moment of weakness, Father Mac did what he was told.

The 84-year-old Filipino priest had hated rules since childhood. Joining the clergy did little to change that. For example, he never stopped dating. The church tried to stop him, going as far as defrocking and excommunicating Mac when he was in his 20s. It was no use. He kept preaching, and his parishioners kept listening.

But some 60 years later, the church had a new-found need for a rebel. It had to deliver a package—for the devil.

Continue reading …

Jun 12 2013

Casting against type

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This introduction-to-film-class doodle depicts a merry band of adventurers called the Persons of Interests. Members include:

  • Charlie Dorin and his sword, Larry. Charlie is a idealistic 120-pound weakling. Larry is a nihilistic 120-pound piece of steel. They fight a lot. But despite their differences, they both love to hack things apart, which keeps them together. Continue reading …