Aug 28 2013

This flamingo needs no stinkin’ badge (anymore)

crafty_flamingoFrom time to time, I deviate away from doodles on this doodle blog. This post is one of those times.

Above is a logo I made for The Crafty Flamingo, the crafting blog of my wife and editor, Abby. It is the product of months of flamingo research—and procrastination. (She is no stranger to the concept.) It is done now, in any case!

The idea for a badge-like logo made of fabric hit me like a fever. I couldn’t stop thinking about it until I finished it up early Tuesday morning. It fits in here because it is a little weird, it adds a little color to the site, and I had a lot of fun making it. So there!

Aug 21 2013

The Queen

(Click image for larger version.)

(Click image for larger version.)

In this college-Spanish-class doodle, I see a story about a cat and her kingdom. Characters include:

Queen Lady: A Turkish Angora. The leader of Livingroomia. Though she has grown tired of the drama that comes with being at the top, she fears life after the throne. Also, she loves bacon.

Princess Jeff: A Siamese. An up-and-comer. She wants to rule, but her mercurial nature loses her points with the aristocracy. Also, she loves bacon.

Sir Oatmeal: An exotic shorthair. A noble oaf. His pride frequently gets him into trouble. Also, he loves bacon.

Busterina: A border-collie/black-lab/xoloitzcuintli mix. A very excitable dog. She loves “playing” with the catdom. Also, she really, really loves bacon.

Soon, their owner will be home from the grocery store. She will be carrying a bag of cured pig flesh.

And everything will change.


Aug 14 2013

Terry the welder

(Click for larger version.)

(Click for larger version.)

Dear Mustache-heads,

It has been weeks since we have last seen a doodled mustache on the site. For that, I apologize. Please accept this 2008 technical writing drawing of a welder named Terry as a peace offering.

While Terry takes pride in looking like an All-American©®™ worker, he really is only a decent worker, at best. But that’s fine! Not all of us can do simple things like wash our hands after using the restroom or not steal office supplies.

Rest assured, facial-hair fans, there are more random doodles of people with sweet mustaches in your future. You can stop the letter-writing campaign any time.

Thanks for your consideration.