Sep 25 2013

Claude L’Giraffe

(Click image for full version.)

(Click image for full version.)

Let me introduce you to Claude L’Giraffe, the product of a history of modern art class.

Claude is a Parisian starving artist. He prefers dry media, such as chalk or charcoal, but he will create with anything to which he has access.

He also is a giraffeman. He claims to know nothing of his origins, having grown up in an orphanage.

I am suspicious.

Sep 18 2013

The Victorer, a destroyer of worlds: Only five hundred pence!

the_victorerThis doodle, the 104th on Doodleronomy, is an ad for The Victorer, a 3 MHZ destroyer of worlds. It easily is the most elaborate doodle in my collection. Let’s take a look:

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Sep 11 2013

‘You love this?’ Practical uses for new slang

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(Click for full version)

At Lancaster High School in the late-1990s/early-2000s, my group of friends frequently used the phrase, “You love this?” Here is my attempt at a definition:

You love this? (informal)
question of whether a person thinks something is cool or not. Adam: (While pointing to an unopened can of pop left behind at a lunch table) You love this? Nate: Awesome!

The first person to use the phrase was a boy whom my friend Cory mentored. It grew to be so useful that I made a doodle of it in class one day on a 3½ by 5 inch notecard in an attempt to foresee how the expression might be used in modern life. Though I can’t say that it has ever been employed in such ways, it does still see usage by my friends to this day.