Dec 25 2013

Merry Christmas! A collaborative doodle


I forgot to dig up a doodle this week. I blame Christmas. Instead, you get a collaboration from four drunkards sitting around a table in Eleva, Wis. Clockwise, starting in the upper right corner, credit goes to Andy, Abby, Ryan, and Anne.

Happy holidays!

Dec 18 2013

Your friendly neighborhood beerman

(Click for full image.)

(Click for full image.)

Stuck in a meeting with no end in sight?

Well, suffer no more! Just call Tom’s Beer Couriering to get some cold ones pronto!

Tom is ready to deliver at nearly any time of the day—he doesn’t have a job or a family or anything silly like that to get between you and your beer. He also is (relatively) fast. Your brewskies are guaranteed to arrive within mere hours of ordering.

The asking price: $20 and a beer … or two or three. It really depends on what kind of product we’re talking here. If you order the good stuff, don’t expect to get more than half of it.

But still! Atrocious meeting + beer = bliss! It’s science!

Dec 11 2013

The elfephant: Santa’s heavy lifter

(Click for larger image.)

(Click for larger image.)

Sometimes, Santa needs a little extra help to fulfill his Christmas duties. (Perhaps a nice construction worker requested a new steamroller, for example.)

Enter the elfephant, depicted above on the back of a gas-station milk club card.

These half elf, half elephant beings possess immense strength. They are perfect for ridiculously-heavy gifts.  However, caution must be taken when setting them loose in the workshop. Their full-elf colleagues are extra vulnerable to smooshing, and workers compensation claims are expensive.