Jan 29 2014

In search of Kit Kats

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This basic newswriting and reporting doodle from September 2006 depicts Smeshtar, a visitor to Earth who absolutely loves Kit Kats.

This connection was forged 13 years ago when his ship crash landed into a Kit-Kat plant in Wright City, N.J. Smeshtar was flung from the cockpit and submerged in a tub of melted chocolate. Delicious fever dreams ensued.

After awakening, Smeshtar pulled himself from the tub, disguised himself as a repair worker, and got to work on extracting his ship from the facility. (Swamp gas was the likely culprit, he explained to the building’s owners. The stuff is rare in New Jersey, but when it shows up, it is powerful.)

This was all in his training. All except for the candy.

Even now, more than a decade later, there are repairs to perform on his ship. It’s a complex machine after all. But some day, he will have to decide: To go home, or to stay with the Kit Kats?

Jan 22 2014

A time for flip-flops, and a time for boots

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(Click image for larger version.)

Here are three proposals for what is going on in this spring 2007 intro to communication technologies doodle:

  • Myron, a former California shut-in, has been forced to get a job. He found one at Circuits ‘N’ Stuff, a big-box electronics retailer. At first, he was proud of the fact that he convinced his manager to let him wear his favored footwear, flip-flops. But now, as a mass of people claws the glass doors of the store at 5:58 a.m. on Black Friday, he is starting to wonder whether he should have chosen a more protective foot covering.
  • Belinda is the best living trucker in the tri-state area. She’s about to meet Stevie, the best dead trucker in the tri-state area. Trouble is, both Belinda the person and Stevie the ghost have been assigned to deliver the same trailer filled with precious disposable lighters halfway across the States. Can the pair look past their differences for long enough to save some smokers from having to buy chew?
  • People need strong, reliable belts that they can trust. It’s a fact. Joaquin has worked for decades as a belt tester, making sure customers are getting the quality pants-retention devices that they deserve. But only a week away from retirement, a mysterious stranger has dropped off a new kind of belt for Joaquin to put through the paces, and something doesn’t feel right. Is he getting pre-retirement jitters? Is someone trying to pull the suspenders over his eyes? Or are last night’s beans coming back to haunt him?

Jan 15 2014


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(Click for larger version.)

It is well known that birds organize into both all-volunteer and conscripted militias. This is a trait they undoubtedly inherited from their ancestors, the dinosaurs.

Less well-known is bird soldiers’ preference for spearguns, as evidenced by this pre-2002 doodle.

If you didn’t know that, don’t beat yourself up. Hollywood has been pushing the idea of the machine-gun-toting bird for decades. But in study after study, winged creatures show a preference for mega-strength-rubber-band-powered weapons.

And who can blame them, considering the threat posed by bird kind’s mortal enemy, the sky shark.