The laundry hamper, scourge of giraffes everywhere

(Click for full image.)

(Click for full image.)

It looks to me like Barry,┬áthe ungulate featured in this doodle, has managed to get a cylindrical container stuck on his face. He probably saw some tasty leaves in a laundry hamper and couldn’t help himself. Before you shake your head in arrogance, consider this statistic: 73 percent of nearly all giraffes will get their heads stuck in laundry baskets at some point in their lives.

Though this problem existed before humans, humans certainly shoulder some blame. The number of hampers in the wild has skyrocketed since the birth of the industrial age. Luckily, you can help: The next time your laundry hamper fills up, don’t throw it away. Instead, empty it out. Laundry hampers usually can be reused two, three, or even four times.

Don’t forget! The giraffes are counting on you.

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