Jul 30 2014

The time clock

(Click for larger version.)

(Click for larger version.)

Today’s doodle depicts the time clock, a clock that can take you back in time. (It’s either that or a classic classroom timepiece. Who can tell?)

It’s common knowledge that the first time machines were technologically marvelous yet user-friendically horribleous. They required users to manually calculate the formulas that determined their chronological destinations. One mistake could mean the difference between experiencing the Renaissance and becoming a dinosaur’s dinner sauce.

The time clock turned the time-machine industry on it’s head.

Instead of performing maths, users dialed back hands, a much easier proposition for the average time traveler. Survivability rates skyrocketed to 4.5 percent.

Unfortunately, it also meant that a fast jump was difficult to say the least. (YOU try spinning a minute-hand around hundreds of times while an ancient army closes in.) But within a decade, digital clocks had become the norm.

Survivability jumped a full percentage point.

Jul 23 2014

The watermelon transporter

(Click image for larger version.)

(Click image for larger version.)

I see three interpretations for this high-school-math-class doodle of an alligator:

  • This is Edgar Clayton, associate professor of circus performance. He worked his tail off to get his doctorate in circusery, but now he’s wondering if he should have stuck with bartending instead. (College students don’t tip very well.)
  • This is Julia French, scientific beach-ball tester. It’s really more of an art, actually, though she’ll never admit it.
  • This is Bubba Du Puis, watermelon transporter. Don’t you worry: Though this technique looks quite dangerous, Bubba hasn’t lost a melon yet.

Jul 16 2014

29(ish) flamingos

Sorry, doodle fans. There’s no doodle here. Check back next week for your usual dose of wacky scribbles.

Flamingo fans are in luck. Here’s a video I made for my lovely wife/editor’s 29th birthday. She’s a flamingo fan, too!