Jan 29 2014

In search of Kit Kats

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(Click image for larger view.)

This basic newswriting and reporting doodle from September 2006 depicts Smeshtar, a visitor to Earth who absolutely loves Kit Kats.

This connection was forged 13 years ago when his ship crash landed into a Kit-Kat plant in Wright City, N.J. Smeshtar was flung from the cockpit and submerged in a tub of melted chocolate. Delicious fever dreams ensued.

After awakening, Smeshtar pulled himself from the tub, disguised himself as a repair worker, and got to work on extracting his ship from the facility. (Swamp gas was the likely culprit, he explained to the building’s owners. The stuff is rare in New Jersey, but when it shows up, it is powerful.)

This was all in his training. All except for the candy.

Even now, more than a decade later, there are repairs to perform on his ship. It’s a complex machine after all. But some day, he will have to decide: To go home, or to stay with the Kit Kats?

Nov 21 2012

Buy Vitamin Plutonium; Your baby will thank you

This doodle resulted from procrastination while a friend worked on homework during high school. It depicts an advertisement for a product with much potential—for disaster. The following is an excerpt from “What’s What in Advertising, Volume MIXXIXXIPPI”:

Hundreds of years ago, the only dangers children faced were wolves, malnourishment, drowning, saber-tooth tigers, cholera, dinosaurs, falls, respiratory infections, hippopotami, ignorance, strangers, measles, dehydration, bears, lightning, malaria, and exposure. Now, with thousands of babies born every day, kids face an even bigger threat: not being unique.

“I’ll name my baby after my favorite produce!” you might say. Good luck with that plan when your pregnant neighbor delivers her own baby Potato—surely a coincidence, of course.

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Oct 31 2012

The last of the corn chips

The two versions of the face on this sheet of Spanish-class notes both hold value, I would argue. The top one looks cleaner, meaning it was likely drawn after the bottom version. But the bottom version holds a certain amount of geeky charm. It looks to me like the face of a creature who is dumbstruck by a strange new world, though it wouldn’t take much to confuse him in the first place.

● ● ●

A milenium later, the clan finally ran out of groceries.

It was bound to happen, foretold both in the prophecies and in simple math. A crashed spaceship load of foodstuffs can only last so long.

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