Apr 16 2014

From a time when “Shrek 2″ was a dream

(Click image for larger version.)

(Click image for larger version.)

This doodle comes from 2002, a time when “Shrek 2″ was a dream.

My pitch for the sequel saw Shrek* drop his club and pick up a paintbrush. The local-high-school marching band didn’t have enough money for uniforms, you see. Someone had to do something. So our green hero hit the canvasses swinging, depicting swampy landscapes in an Impressionistic style. A few months later, there was nearly enough money to buy one mostly complete uniform. The band still was screwed, but hey, free uniform. Roll credits.

Like usual, my pitch for the movie was rejected. But weep not! There’s always “Shrek 5.” …

*Editor’s note: What’s that you say? Shrek is an ogre, not a troll? Kudos to you, observant person. You earn a gold star. To claim it, just send one self-addressed envelope and $150 for postage to Doodleronomy.net, 348 Greendumpsterbehindthemall Lane, Townsville, WI.

Aug 8 2012

Yasser Arafat, 1929-2004

Today’s doodle tackles a sensitive subject for much of the world: the late Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat. As the 83rd anniversary of his birth approaches, now seems to be a good time to feature this drawing.

Yes, you have found a typo. I spelled Arafat’s first name “Yassir” instead of “Yasser” in the drawing. Even if I tried to argue that this was a depiction of Pakistani cricketer Yasir Arafat, who spells his name with an “i” instead of an “e,” I┬ástill would have one “s” too many. I am trapped. Dang it.

I’m hesitant to offer any opinions of what this doodle might mean, as I am pretty fond of living, and getting sucked into the Israeli-Palestinian conflict generally isn’t good for one’s lifespan. I’ll do it anyway, but under one condition: The analyses must conform with a theme of peace.

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Apr 18 2012

Archie Begins


The sun rises over the medium-sized town of Riverdale. Once a growing community, the suburb is now a haven for crime and poverty. GUNSHOTS, SCREAMING, and SQUEALING TIRES are heard in the distance.


A teen boy, sporting a buzz-cut of red hair and a frayed, v-neck sweater vest, rolls a nickel down his knuckles. Across the street, a woman wearing an acid-wash jean jacket barters away her baby for her next fix. ARCHIE ANDREWS grabs a cigarette with a scowl from a crumpled soft-pack and looks toward the sunrise.

Slinking along comes JUGHEAD JONES, a 6-foot-7 teen whose dark, spiked hair resembles a crown. Beside him trots HOT DOG, a filthy American pit bull terrier. Scars cover the canine’s gaunt frame.

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