Oct 30 2013

I can’t lose!


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Sometime around 1 a.m. Tuesday, Oct. 28, 2003, I drew this picture using Microsoft Paint. It either is some random guy or a self-portrait of myself at age 30.

Ten years later, I can report to you that I still have hair. One outlier: I don’t turn 30 until tomorrow. There still is time for a significant amount of my hair to find new digs. But that’s a win-win situation. Either I keep my hair, or my prediction is right. What a fantastic birthday present!

Oct 2 2013

The Thin Glazed Line


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Pvt. Todd Lundgren, the star of this politics of the global economy class doodle, loves America. He also loves doughnuts. Coincidentally, he has been drawn into  intense dietary warfare with Type 2 diabetes.

The casualties have been high. (Note his missing leg.) But things are looking up for Lundgren. He recently has joined forces with his former enemy, healthcare, as demonstrated by the reverence he displays for his Sgt. Scale brand weighing scale above.

Let the battle begin.

Feb 22 2012

Bald smart guy

Nigel Sidgwick, pictured above, sat in a leather chair in the family library. Bookshelves 19 feet high loomed before him. Out of the window, mushroom clouds filled the skyline, and radioactive dust raced across the plains.

If only the masses hadn’t discovered his limited ability to see the future.

Sidgwick could accurately predict what song was coming next, whether it came from musicians on stage, radio, or record. Discovered by accident, this ability won him a lot of bets.

But his visions extended no further. Sidgwick was ill-equipped for the questions the populace assumed he could answer.

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