Sep 26 2012

The nerd calf

To kick off year two of Doodleronomy, here is a doodle from the newspaper where I work, the first of its kind on the site. (Bosses: I have never doodled less at a job, I swear it.)

Today’s story is built on personal experience as a nerd. Considering that you, dear reader, also are probably a nerd, you might be able to relate.

● ● ●

It was the first day of school, and Grass-fed was ready.

Sweater vest lint free? Check. Slacks perfectly flat? Affirmative. Hoofs evenly trimmed? You bet.

This year was going to be different for ol’ Grass-fed. The new feedlot offered him a fresh start. Soon, the heifers would want him. The bulls would want to be him. Things were going to be great. He trotted into the stockyard toward his destiny.

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Jan 4 2012

Behold: The Cowman

Doodled here is “The Cowman,” which I found next to some psychology class notes covering sleep cycles. “Cowman” might seem like an oxymoron, but it is not, according to one definition of “cow” in Webster’s New World College Dictionary:

3.WEST a domestic bovine animal, whether a steer, bull, cow, or calf: usually used in pl.

For most Wisconsinites exposed to farming, this is blasphemy. (I heard a few colleagues in my newsroom expressing dismay at this definition last week.) A cow is a “mature female of domestic cattle” that has had a calf, and you are wrong if you say otherwise. Technically, I agree. Practically speaking, though, I don’t think it’s that big of a deal to generalize “cow.” <Insert gasping here.>

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Oct 19 2011

Dutchman and wife

Dutchman and wife

Wilhelm de Landbouwer worked so hard to prepare for de Winter Dans, from changing his socks to hanging his cardigan outside to air out that Holstein smell. But all was lost when it came to his skinny tie; his hands were made for udders, not Windsors.

Enter Zuster Gertrude to save the day yet again. The daughter of a portable-dike manufacturer, Gertrude longed to work in the eyelash industry, but her father, Gustav, would have none of it. She was too valuable to the dikery. As a compromise, she ran away from home and joined the Church.

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