Nov 16 2011

Of mammals and reptiles

Based on the proximity of references to Bronfenbrenner’s Ecological Systems Theory, I’m going to guess this was drawn during a fall 2009 Child Psychology class I took. Wild stuff.

What, exactly, is going on here? The tortoise and the hare, former adversaries, have teamed up against the frog. My theory: The captors were jealous of the frog’s ability to both jump really far AND live on land and water, so they locked it in an old Miracle-Whip jar. What a bunch of jerks.

That table is based off of one in the offices of my old student newspaper. The real one had more right angles. (And more vandalism scrawled inside the drawers.)

Oct 12 2011

Upside-down-faced guy is taken hostage

Upside-down-faced guy is taken hostage

UPDATE: I figured out the inspiration for this doodle. See below.

In the face of adversity, upside-down-faced guy is ready. He is not sure what he is going to do, but he will figure something out. After all, being taken hostage by terrorists is far from the biggest challenge he has faced with his upside-down face. One time, the tab ripped off of a can of pop he was drinking before he could get it open. Driven by an insatiable mild thirst, he used a nail punch and a hammer to tap open the scored part of the lid, freeing its bubbly orange contents.

I wouldn’t want to be in those terrorists’ shoes right now. Continue reading …