Jan 2 2013

More than just a face on a baking powder can

(Click image for larger view)

(Click image for larger view)

This doodle was sketched with a Sharpie on loose leaf during a 2004 psychology class. I don’t often draw female characters, but when I do, I usually end up with some sort of monster. This drawing is an exception (though not the only one). She looks like an actual person! Still, I should probably abandon my attempts at beauty and draw women with mustaches, which are always fun.

In any case, it seems clear that our Edward-Gorey-style subject is downtrodden, or at the very least bored. Here are my theories why:

  • She hates getting her blood drawn.
  • She knows the Christmas decorations must come down eventually.
  • She really doesn’t want to go to work tomorrow.
  • She is being coerced into eating more vegetables by the National Institutes of Health. Continue reading …

Sep 19 2012

Sir Dimney and his swine, Jasper

Nearly one year and exactly 52 sketches later, we consider the first of my doodles offered for public consumption.

It was Tuesday, Sept. 16, 2008. I was executive editor at the Exponent, the student newspaper at UW-Platteville. The crisis: We didn’t have enough content to fill the comics page. The solution: It was time to run “Doodleronomy.”

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May 9 2012

A walrus lullaby

As awesome as The Beatles’ “I am the Walrus” is, I don’t think Wallace (the walrus’ name is Wallace) was performing the harp version of it here. Wallace is all about the classics, and especially so when he’s aiding and abetting a criminal’s heist and subsequent escape.

As a species, walruses are prone to criminal activity, you see. It is well documented. But is that what we’re seeing here? You tell me.

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