Nov 6 2013

Here, this maraca should help

(Click image for larger version.)

(Click image for larger version.)

Studies show that when people are feeling bad, nothing cheers them up faster than Latin American instruments. The ones made from hollowed gourds such as calabashes work the best.

That premise describes what’s going on in this doodle. The octopus just got home from work after a particularly rough day at the Oceanic Call Center. The octopus’ friend, the shrimp, recognized this and dug up twin tools of joy.

Maracas to the rescue!

Jan 18 2012

Under the water, under the weather

It’s a situation most of us of legal drinking age have found ourselves in. You come home late from the sandbar, but you’re not quite done partying. You and your buddy pass around a whiskey bottle, smoke some cigars, and discuss how to fix the world’s problems. Soon, though, you are feeling woozy, so you plop down in bed. When you open your eyes, the ocean is spinning, so you plant one tentacle down on the seafloor in an attempt to steady the drink. Soon, it’s time for work, but you call in sick. You are in no condition to terrorize the deep like this. Continue reading …