Oct 2 2013

The Thin Glazed Line


Click image for larger version.

Pvt. Todd Lundgren, the star of this politics of the global economy class doodle, loves America. He also loves doughnuts. Coincidentally, he has been drawn into  intense dietary warfare with Type 2 diabetes.

The casualties have been high. (Note his missing leg.) But things are looking up for Lundgren. He recently has joined forces with his former enemy, healthcare, as demonstrated by the reverence he displays for his Sgt. Scale brand weighing scale above.

Let the battle begin.

Nov 14 2012

Rise of the AgnesBot 5000®

This politics of the global economy doodle depicts a nearly-finished face with bookish, feminine features. Here are my theories on who this person is:

  • A self-aware robot librarian. Though the AgnesBot 5000® is fluent with the widely-accepted 23rd revision of the Dewey Decimal classification system, she always will prefer to use the 16th.
  • A teacher … with a secret. Addiction? Fake diploma? Actually a man? None of the above. She is afraid of worksheets.
  • A ninja assassin librarian. Shh! In these aisles, there is no talking—or else. Continue reading …

Aug 22 2012

A beast of intuition

This doodle, another Politics of the Global Economy production, shared a piece of paper with “Love in a Dinghy.” The tiny donkey’s face is the best part of this drawing for me, so I played off that for the following story. If you have a better interpretation for this insinuating duo, leave it in the comments below.

● ● ●

People traveled hundreds of miles to partake in the Sacrament of Penance with Father Pedro. But it wasn’t because of the reverend. It was his partner, a donkey named Christina, who was the draw at St. Waningus’ Church.

During confession with a regular priest, there was always the chance that you could forget some random sin. Not so when Pedro was working with Christina. The conventional wisdom was that the donkey knew your faults better than you did.

“The burro knows everything. Just look at her,” the crowds would whisper as Pedro and the donkey with the gentle eyes walked the grounds.

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