Jun 6 2012

The Bonfire of the Vagrants

Welcome to part two of a retrospective on my brief career as a high-school soothsayer.

To recap: Last week, we looked at a doodle where I predicted my friend Adam would become a gym teacher. I was spot on.

This week, we consider my other drawing that day 10 years ago in high school, a doodle of my friend Kyle. How did I do?

Not quite so well.

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Feb 22 2012

Bald smart guy

Nigel Sidgwick, pictured above, sat in a leather chair in the family library. Bookshelves 19 feet high loomed before him. Out of the window, mushroom clouds filled the skyline, and radioactive dust raced across the plains.

If only the masses hadn’t discovered his limited ability to see the future.

Sidgwick could accurately predict what song was coming next, whether it came from musicians on stage, radio, or record. Discovered by accident, this ability won him a lot of bets.

But his visions extended no further. Sidgwick was ill-equipped for the questions the populace assumed he could answer.

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