Aug 13 2014

‘The Wizard of Oz’ gets a reboot

(Click for larger version.)

(Click for larger version.)

I see three possibilities for explaining this mid-2000s psychology-class doodle:

  • This is a modern-day reboot of “The Wizard of Oz.” Dorothy, center, goes on a magical adventure when her foster parents’ trailer gets sucked up by a twister. Along the way, she meets up with a scarecrow, right, who needs a college degree; an abominable snowman, bottom left, who desperately wishes he cared about his fellow lifeforms; and the cowardly alien, who needs to abduct someone to prove his bravery.
  • This is Jordon Burns, self-appointed neighborhood watch captain. He might seem paranoid, but he lives in a weird town, as evidenced by the array of visitors behind him. And those are his neighbors!
  • This is John Philip Salsa, professional lawn chair tester. Outdoor furniture failures were the No. 1 cause of butt sprains in the nation in 2003, according to the Federal Minor Injuries Council. Nearly all of those tragedies can be traced back to shoddy testmanship. But none of those chairs were shipped on Salsa’s watch. No sir. Salsa sure can sit on a lawn chair, that’s for sure.

Feb 19 2014

Bots, beards, and beauty

(Click image for larger version.)

(Click image for larger version.)

This doodle of unknown origin (psych class perhaps?) demands multiple interpretations. Here are three using the fact, twist, question format:

  • Tonya is a builder of and friend to robots. Or at least she was before a hacker took over her lab and turned her creations against her. Can she stop the attacker, or are parts about to start flying?
  • Daphne hates doing homework. So when the dean institutes a new rule giving automatic A’s to people with beards, she knows she must act fast. Will Amazon ship out her barrel of minoxidil in time, or will she be stuck mathing for the rest of the semester?
  • For as long as Ronald can remember, he has looked like an attractive woman. This wasn’t a problem for the plumber—until a lucrative modeling agency came calling. Will Ronald stay true to his pipes, or will the call of the catwalk plunge him away?

As evidenced by the incomplete multiplication problem on this doodle, I’m with Daphne on this one. Homework is for the birds!*

*And people who go on to earn lots of money, cure diseases, make jobs for the poor, etc.

Jan 1 2014

The time fighter

The year 2014 is here, and no one is taking that news harder than Carlos the time fighter, pictured above in a 2004-psychology-class doodle.

Carlos’ story begins in 1856, when he first noticed a wrinkle on his face. The traumatic incident spurred the 32-year-old to dedicate his life to halting the march of time. Though his scientific discoveries have been numerous, including an ability to travel through time, he remains unable to stop it.

Better luck this year, Carlos!