May 28 2014

Track used to be about survival

(Click for larger version.)

(Click for larger version.)

Long, long ago, sometime in the late 1990s, the high school sport of track was brutal. Though written records from the time are sparse (humans had barely invented computers, much less the Internets), some details remain:

  • Hurdles were 10 feet tall. And those were for the middle schoolers.
  • Pole vaulting was more about construction than jumping over stuff. Competitors literally built vaults over poles.
  • An early form of dodgeball was present. It was the shot put.

Some praise the change that has come to track since then. The sport is safer, they claim. That means more fun for kids—and less debilitating injury. Whether that’s true or not, I’ll always look back fondly on those golden, horrifically reckless days of yesteryear.

Because I was at home, playing video games.

Mar 6 2013

A hero sorting machine

(Click image for full version)

(Click image for full version)

This doodle, drawn below the USS Sharkington, depicts a sorting machine at a hero factory.

At right is Terry Floorshaw, wide receiver for the NFC Northeast’s Providence Plantations. His long limbs make him a valuable player, but his thin bones make him prone to traumatic injury. He will be fine as long as he doesn’t get tackled, trip or have to catch a ball.

At left is Timmy O’Meara, a cyborg leprechaun. He likes repairing shoes, long walks on the beach and being driven by cold logic. He dislikes cereal and people who try to steal his gold. Don’t let his trick knee fool you: He will mess you up.

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Jun 20 2012

A ski monster

What do you get when you combine The Fan Man with a monopedal extraterrestrial? If you answered a ski monster, you are either a cheater, well informed, or someone I want to play roulette in my stead.

A ski monster could be any number of things, turns out, so here are my guesses on what’s going on in this week’s doodle:

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