Oct 23 2013

A cold-blooded salesman

(Click image for larger version.)

(Click image for larger version.)

Alligators often get a bad rap, no doubt stemming from their love of fresh meat. Kudos, then, to the above technical-writing-class doodle of a gator salesman. This character has picked a profession that already is not generally welcomed in homes, ignoring the fact that he is really freaking dangerous to have around small pets or people. But he is determined! He won’t let your inherent fear of reptiles with razor-sharp teeth stop you from enjoying the sharpest set of steak knives in the world.

Who would win in a battle between the disinterested rabbit and the cold-blooded salesman? Good question. I suspect the rabbit would win the battle, but the gator would win the war.

Aug 14 2013

Terry the welder

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(Click for larger version.)

Dear Mustache-heads,

It has been weeks since we have last seen a doodled mustache on the site. For that, I apologize. Please accept this 2008 technical writing drawing of a welder named Terry as a peace offering.

While Terry takes pride in looking like an All-American©®™ worker, he really is only a decent worker, at best. But that’s fine! Not all of us can do simple things like wash our hands after using the restroom or not steal office supplies.

Rest assured, facial-hair fans, there are more random doodles of people with sweet mustaches in your future. You can stop the letter-writing campaign any time.

Thanks for your consideration.



Aug 7 2013

Mr. McHorseteeth

tootherI doodled Mr. Luther McHorseteeth here during a spring 2009 technical writing class taught by Peter Hadorn.

The class was very valuable. The drawing is the stuff of nightmares.

The man depicted above was inspired by a guy I saw in a documentary about aliens. He swore by their existence. He also had crazy-long, delicate-looking teeth. It was tough to imagine how someone with teeth like that managed to avoid eating carrots or brushing up against a wall with his face for long enough to avoid having a mouthful of broken bones.

Lucky for you, I couldn’t find a photo of him. But rest assured, he is out there, watching the sky …

And nervously scanning the area for flying basketballs.

Ugh. Chilling.