Feb 29 2012

“Death of a Businessman,” a Doodleronomy animated short

I created this animated cartoon with Adobe Flash in about 2003. It’s not technically a doodle, but it was made for no good reason. It matches the spirit of things here, at least.

The original version was a little different:

  • At the time I created this, I was not concerned about copyright infringement. I was more concerned with having material to experiment with than making it legal for mass distribution. I have no idea where the original images on the opening title card came from, so the ones you see here are new. I ran into a similar problem with the music, but I was able to track down a public license version of it.
  • Call me George Lucas, but the typography in the original was not very good, so I prettied it up. I also tweaked some of the characters, but that was nothing major, just some empty spots that I had to manipulate so I could flood fill them with color. Contrary to popular belief, I didn’t change it so Greedo shot first; you just wanted Han Solo to be bloodthirsty or something like that.
  • I couldn’t directly convert the file to video, so the animation is likely a little different. See notes below.

Warning: It is a pain in the butt to convert a Flash cartoon into a video.

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